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Electric under blanket were carefully designed to provide uniform and gentle warmth day and night. It is a perfect night-time companion during intolerable cold winter nights. It will provide long term cost efficient comfort. This product is highly recommended for elders with old-age pains and people with aches and pains.The ELECTRIC BLANKETS are meant for perfectly healthy people also. They can give you the kind of pleasure and relaxation that no other mattress will equal .Take a second to imagine to sleep on slightly heated surface in chilling winter and get to know how relax you are going to feel.

ELECTRIC BLANKETS work on simple principle that heating heals body faster as compare to other treatments .This factor alone make an electric blanket not just another mattress, But In fact – A revolutionary way to sleep and heal. The medical benefits are just one of the aspects of buying a blanket.

Electric Blanket : How do they benefit us

Electric Blanket : How do they benefit us

• Unparalleled Comfort :  Other heating methods can warm your room but none can warm your bed.

• Ultra-portable and versatile : Can run on inverters and charging points in railway coaches and sleeper buses.

• Greenest heating solution : Average energy consumption per night is about 0.5 electric unit (KWHr).

• Promote health : Proper warmth whole night promotes sound sleep and thus better health.

• Helps relieve pain : Relieves pain and reduces health problems such as allergies and sinus.

Why use an Electric Blanket ?

Why use an Electric Blanket ?

 There are many good reasons for using warming bedding such as:
  •     To reduce the pains associated with sore muscles, arthritis, fibromyalgia, etc.
  •     To manage the individual comfort of two people in one bed (Dual Control Models).
  •     To keep warm in a cool room without the weight of heavy blankets or comforters.
  •     To sleep better within a cool bedroom ambient while remaining warm in bed.
  •     To pre-warm the bed thus avoiding the chills of getting into a cold bed.
  •     To save energy and fuel costs.
  •     To reduce sinus problems.
  •     To reduce allergies.

Electric Blanket : TREATMENTS

All of us come up against back problems at one stage in our lives, whether it is a serious condition or a niggling complaint due to improper sleeping posture, an Electric under blanket can afford relief and often a complete solution.

Electric Blanket : ARTHRITIS RELIEF
With soothing and even distribution of heat, Electric under blanket is incredibly kind on injured joints and those suffering from arthritis.

Electric Blanket : INSOMNIA CURE
Electric under blanket offering relief from insomnia conditions that are caused by other more undetectable problems such as bad sleeping posture , coldness, uncomfortable mattresses, etc. An Electric blanket gives you the best chance to get a good nights sleep and wake refreshed and ready to go.

Advantage of an Electric under blanket is its ability to remain warmer at set temperature. This in turn results in a far more restful & relaxing sleep. Heating regulates blood flow, improves the functions of joints, organs and muscles and helps in:-

• Sports Injuries • Rheumatoid Arthritis • Joints pain

• Shivering • Muscles relaxation • Old age pain

• Lumbago • Sprain & Strain • Body aches

• Post operative pains • Body Stiffness • Post delivery pains

• Spondylitis • Dislocations & fractures • Post journey pains

• Osteoarthritis • Tendonitis

• Provides warmth and personal comfort in cold


Electric blanket is currently being used in hospitals throughout the United States, Europe and Australia. A wealth of sound medical data confirming the therapeutic benefits of sleep is now emerging.

Electric blanket permits longer periods of sleep, with less movement and fewer Re - awakening.
Electric blanket warmth works to speed relaxation, soothe sore muscles and relieve tension.

Electric blanket generally increases the ease of falling asleep.

• When sleeping on Electric blanket, patients requires less pain medication to Sleep Comfortably.

  Electric blanket sleep contributes to a more relaxed feeling in the morning and Helps reduce   morning stiffness.
Electric under blanket increase relaxation, meaning longer periods with less movement and fewer re- awakenings .
It can provide unusually helpful support for convalescents, those with painful joint It’s the gentlest and most supportive surface on which we sleep and relax, and can be heated to whatever temperature suits you best.

What are Electric Blankets

  • Electric blankets are just like normal blanket with an integrated grid of thin, insulated heating element underneath to generate heat internally and use adjustable thermostats to control temperature.
  • Electric blankets come in two types: Under-blankets are used by putting them under the bed-sheet. Over-blankets which like normal blankets or quilts, are taken over the body like normal blankets.
  • Electric blankets need very little electricity and are thus very economical to run. Average electric consumption for a single bed sized electric blanket is 40-60 Watt.